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  Theme Creation Of Wordpress.  First of all we have to identify the basic thing like header,footer,sidebar,main content area.  Here we demonstrate how wordpress theme look.                                                Basic Structure Of Wordpress Theme.            Here We Have To Create a Several Files. Header.php - File Contain The Header Section Of Our Theme. Index.php    - This The Main File Of Our Theme.In This Other Files Included. Sidebar.php - This file will contain the Sidebar Of Our Theme. Footer.php  -  This File Contain The Footer Of Our Theme. Style.css     -  This file will handle the styling of your new theme;       Here We are Going  Create Our First File  Header File       To Create a Header File Open Your favorite Text Editor  Like Notepad.      Save File as header.php         Add The Following Code To Header.php. <html> <head> <title>Tutorial theme</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="

Manage user in wordpress

Login  to admin panel of wordpress.  After that click on Users   Here three options are available........ All user:- It will display all the user of your blog. Add New:- Here you can add new user to your blog  your profile:-it will display your profile....... Now Click On All user .   It will display all the user of your blog..... Here you can edit,delete or change the role of the user like subscriber, administrator...... Now Click On add new . following Screen will appear........      Fill all the required information.....  Username:-Define the username of new user.  email:-E-mail address of new user.  first name:-first name of user.  last name: last name of user.  website:-website of new user.  password:- Password of new user.  The most important is Role   here you can define the role of user like subscriber,administrator etc..........  and finally Click on Add new user......  Your user will be added successfully.............