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Drupal Installation

Our Second post is for Drupal Installation.

1).First Of all You have to download a Drupal ZIP.
Extract it.after that

2). Paste that extracted folder to Localhost directory.
     if you have WAMP then paste it on (C:\wamp\www) www directory.
     if you have XAMPP then paste it on (C:\xampp\htdocs)htdocs directory.

3) after that open your favorite browser like Mozila firefox or crome 

  And Then type Localhost/type your file name which is located in htdocs or wamp.
    after type click enter.It will look like this

Select Option Standard or Minimal which you want then click on Save and Continue.
Next Screen will look like

Select Language you want  and Click On Save and Continue.
Next Screen Will look like this.

At this point You have to create a  Blank new database in phpmyadmin (localhost/phpmyadmin).
Fill all the information.
Database name as you have just created.
set username as Root.
Leave the Password field Blank.

Click On Save and Continue.
Next Screen will Look like

 Next Screen will look like....

 Fill all the information like Username,site emailid,Country,Default Time zone.
After that click on Save and Continue.

Congratulations You have done it.

 Click On view your new site.
Now you can upload your views, knowledge etc, with drupal website.
Have fun.....................