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Wordpress Tutorial

Posts In wordpress 

After Installation we are going to start wordpress Blog creation....
If you are not Install wordpress Then Click Here

Login  to admin panel of wordpress.
In URL type  Localhost/folder name which is located in www or htdocs/wp-login.php

 Admin side dashboard.............
 Many options available in admin panel....... like Post,Comments  etc.

I am going to teach you how to create a post.

Simply Click on Posts at the top left Coroner.
Following Screen Will appear.
Here You can manage your post it contain all post retailed uploaded date,tags etc.
Click on add new post

Following Screen Will appear
Give the title of your post and write some content  and Click on Publish.
Open your blog. your post has been uploaded..

Categories in wordpress.........

After login into admin panel Click on Posts->Categories.....................

Following Screen will appear..................
Provide the required information like name,slug,parent,Description...................

Pages in wordpress

 On the admin Dashboard Click On Pages.
 All Pages:-> It Show all the pages of your blog.

Click On add new paage

Add new:-> to add new pages to your blog.
Following Screen will appear.

In title give suitable name like:->about us.
And in content :->write some information you want

After that click on publish…..
Your page is successfully added to blog……….

Now, you   can manage all the pages.
Simply click on all pages. Pages->all pages
Following screen will appear.

here you can edit your pages.
You can delete it from your blog.

Comments In wordpress
 On the admin Dashboard Click On Comments

Following Screen will appear.

Here You can manage Comments..........
              You can Approve,reply,Edit, consider as spam, or Delete.......

Click on padding which is located at the top of comments page
following screen will appear.
When visitor Comment on your Post the those comments display under the pending option.

 here you have to approve his comment or disapprove comments 
You can also edit those comments or delete those comments.


Appearance  In wordpress 

  On the admin Dashboard Click On Appearance.
  under the appearance menu there are several option available.
   1)Theme:- here You can change the theme of blog.
   2)Widgets:- Here You can set the widgets of blog.
   3)Menus:-Here you can handle the Menus of your blog.
   4)Theme option:-it  display the available option of current theme.
   5)Header:-Here set the header of your blog.
   6)Background:- Here You can set the background of your blog

Now Click On Theme

It contain the all the  theme  of your blog.
you can change the theme from here.
If you want to add new theme simply click on install theme.