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5 Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Which water purifier is best for home?

If you are finding the best water purifier in India 2021 and know nothing about it, at that point you are at the ideal spot. Whether you want to buy the best RO water purifiers under 10000 or water purifier under 15000, we will give information about every kind of water purifier with a friendly budget.

We will assist you in finding the best RO water purifier for your home or office.

Water pollution is a genuine worry as it can cause various medical issues. Most of the things that are required for survival of human are polluted like food and air. Drinking sullied water isn’t healthy for kids and likewise, causes great issues for grown-ups.

Be that as it may, Don’t stress!

Every one of these issues can be prevented by the installation of a best RO water purifier.

And Here’s Our Top Pick for the Best Water Purifier

The RO water purifier is the most ideal way to prevent impurities present in the water and to improve the taste of water.

There are different brands of RO water purifier in India and every one of them different purification process.

For example, RO i.e. Reverse Osmosis, UV i.e. Ultraviolet beams, UF i.e. Ultrafiltration, and so on.

And If the water in your area is not clean or if its TDS level is too high Then you should install a water purifier in your home today. Because advanced UV, UF, and RO water purifiers can clean the water more than 2000 ppm. And give 100% of purified water.

Here are some factors that you should always consider before buying a water purifier

cost storage capacity

water source

RO+UV+UF or only RO

TDS controller

After-sales service

Annual maintenance cost


KENT Supreme RO + UF + UV in Tank + TDS Water Purifier – Best Water Purifier in India

Kent Supreme Water Purifier has come up with many technologies such as Multi-stage purifications, Mineral RO technology, high capacity of the storage tank, food-grade plastic, save water technology, and water indicator.

Its multiple-storage purification process RO, UV in Tank, and UF remove all the impurities and dissolved solids from the water such as bacterias, metals, viruses, and other different types of contaminants.

The UV in Tank feature keeps the stored water in tank pure for drinking for longer durations.

Not only this, but its advanced TDS Controller can also control TDS of most dirty water. Due to its high storage tank, we can keep more water in the water purifier. Its advanced water level indicator tells us how much-purified water is left in the water purifier So that the purified water is reduced then we turn the machine on again.

Havells Max 7-Litres RO UV Water Purifier – Best Water purifier for home

Havells max RO+UV water purifier comes with a lot of functions. Such as advances RO, UV, mineralized, and revitalizer, Its excellent design that enhances the beauty of your kitchen and its high storage tank which makes it perfect.

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 10 liters Water Purifier

HUL Pure It is an Indian based company and manufactures a variety of other products including water purifiers. If you are looking for the best water purifier for a home under the budget so you should go with it. It gives you a digital display and its advanced RO and UV filters make water clean.
Blessing your Family Protected Drinking Water with HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

The HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier has different highlights like the Neon Streak Belt that lights up at whatever point the water purifier is utilized.

AO Smith Z8 green RO+SCMT Water purifier

AO Smith an American company. If we talk about making water purifiers and water heaters then it comes top water purifier brands in India and America, Apart from this, it also makes other home appliances and has existed for many years.
AO smith green arrangement RO water purifiers guarantee RO refined water.

alongside its 8 phase purification process: pre filter + dregs channel + carbon filter + workmanship (advance recuperation innovation) + side stream RO film + MIN-TECH (mineralizer innovation) + ZX twofold security double channel (SAPC + SCMT) 100% of the water goes through the RO rod and twofold cleaned by SCMT.

It gives the choice to high temp water at 45° C and 80° C as well.

Blue star RO + UV + UF + AMI + Mineralizer Water purifier

We all know about Blue Star Company because its products never disappoint us. If we talk about Blue Star Water Purifier. If we talk about Blue Star Water Purifier, then it has so many features that it will make you buy. First of all its triple-layer protection RO+UV+UF which keeps the water clean, after that it’s 7 stage purification Which makes you tension free from thinking about water, after that, you will see a big capacity tank, water taste booster, and notification alert system, etc. This makes it the best water purifier in the market.

New Blue Star Opulus 8L RO + UV + UF + AMI Water Purifier which won’t just give you protected and sound drinking water, yet will likewise help make the water delectable.

With its 8 Liter limit, you can guarantee uninhibitedly accessible drinking water for the whole family 24×7, without agonizing over coming up short on the water.

The RO + UV + UF + AMI in the purifier guarantees that there is positively no contamination or hurtful synthetic substances in the water.

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